11 April, 2006



My computer has finally given up.

It looks like it's just in sleep mode, but it's not. It's gone :(

I can turn it on and watch the lights flash, but nothing much else. My HDs are OK, thankfully.

On the plus side - I'm getting a new computer! Whoohah!

08 April, 2006



More music made when I couldn't sleep. This one's called Persona Grata [ogg|mp3] and it's strongly influenced by another piece of music. I won't tell you what it is - try and guess. There's a chocolate bar for the first person to get it.

Streaming player.

Play it loud.

Eugh! I've just played this track on a different system and there seems to be a horribly off bass note. I can't hear it on my cheap monitors or my not so cheap headphones - can anyone else hear it? Or is it a peculiarity of the hi-fi?

01 April, 2006


The Bombing

I've been really busy lately, but this morning I decided to set aside one hour to play with CheeseTracker. The Bombing [ogg|mp3] was made in that hour, start to finish.

Lately, I've been revisiting The Freestylers' album We Rock Hard (great for working to, until coffee and breakbeats melt your mind) and Mylo's Destroy Rock and Roll (at 2am, fingers aching from thesis bashing, Pressure Drop sounds quite fitting).

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