08 February, 2010


org mode reading rss

This is great. org mode can read from my toodledo rss feed and the toodle-droid app lets me post on the move.

I also have a script to sync my Google calendar with emacs' diary.

I'm going to try letting go of my paper-based task list and day plan...

05 February, 2010


Python + emacs + Android

I'm writing Python in emacs and using just C-c C-c (interpret buffer) to execute it instantly on my phone.

I can hardly see through tears of joy.

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02 February, 2010


Code in the cloud

I wasn't particularly bothered by Mozilla's Bespin until I read that it's extensible and inspired by emacs. And some other, rather evil editor. Now I just need to wait 20 years and It will be surely be perfect.

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