21 January, 2009


I didn't know...

If you want to insert the same bit of text in many places you can store it in a place called a register. Here's how:-

1. Move the point to the beginning of the section you wish to delete.
2. Press "C-space" to set the mark there.
3. Move the point to the end of the section you wish to store
The region (the section between the point and mark) is now the section you wish to store.
4. Press "C-x r s" and then a letter. The text will now be stored in the register with the name of the letter you type.

You can insert the text in the register with named "letter" using "C-x r i" and then the "letter".

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18 January, 2009


Paranoid cameras

Film, anyway. Now, where can I get a camera between now and 2010?

17 January, 2009


OMG dolls

*scared* Pukipuki

02 January, 2009


A great find

I just found a creative commons artist I really like and, thanks to Jamendo, here she is:


Oh, and happy new year.

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