27 February, 2008



There was an earthquake last night. I was able to report it, see a map and watch other reports come in straight away here.


17 February, 2008


Favourite Lyrics #2

I'm batch-posting blog posts today because I'm avoiding doing the work I really should be doing.

Plus, I really wanted to post the next lyric. It's from Push The Button, by the Sugababes, a track that will not die and leave room on the radio for something more deserving. My favourite lyric is just two lines:

My sexy ass has got him in a new dimension

I'm ready to do something to relieve this mission

Brilliant! Trans-dimensional asses! Followed by utter gibberish! Lovely.

Attached: an artist's impression of the ass in question, as seen in the middle of a jump between dimensions.


Favourite Lyrics #1

There are lots of song lyrics I really like for all the wrong reasons. I'm going to post them as I remember/hear them. Partly because I think more people should appreciate them and partly so I don't forget how hilariously bad some of the pop music lyrics are before they disappear into our embarrassing musical history.

My first lyrical post is quite new to the radio: When the Sun Goes Down by the Arctic Monkeys. The Arctic Monkeys are one of those bands that annoy me. I really wanted them to be good because I liked the way the buzz built up and I did like the first track into the charts (possibly because I like dancing to electro-pop, like a robot from 1984), but after listening to a whole album of the same track, I'm just not getting it. I feel like they owe me. So does Amy Winehouse. I won't start on Amy Winehouse and how she ruins some pretty nice tracks by opening her trap, or how she really ought to be better at the artist half of "tortured artist".

But back to the lyric:

Look, here comes a Ford Mondeo

Isn't he Mr. Inconspicuous

And he doesn't even have to say owt

She's in the stance ready to get picked up

Why do I like it so much? Rhyming "mondeo" with "say nothing". Amazing.



If, like me, you've been put off having laser eye surgery because you just aren't sure that the laser might not be powerful enough, a new laser built by UMI might be enough to tempt you.

The image, and the great AdSense item, are snipped from this Physorg article.

Please note that at no point in this post have I used the word "frickin'".

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