29 August, 2006


Exciting news from ebuyer!

I got an interesting e-mail from ebuyer today. In fact, I got two identical ones. Here it is:

Tuesday August 29th 2006

Dear Customer,

Enter your text here!


28 August, 2006


Reading the funnies

I normally avoid on-line comics because I'm easily distracted. More truthfully, I can easily distract myself. I'm a master procrastinator.

Anyway, I'm making an exception for this one (xkcd), because the latest strip made me laugh so much and this one made me laugh even harder:

By the way, anyone that uses aspell should try out aspellfox, which lets you spell-check text boxes in firefox.

11 August, 2006


More on toxoplasma

I've talked about toxoplasma, the behaviour changing microbe, before. This article gives a better idea of how prevalent it is in humans, and hints that it might have quite a large effect on our culture.

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