21 December, 2009



I love dropbox. It keeps me in sync across multiple machines and multiple operating systems. If you sign up, I can love it even more thanks to the free space I'll get when you do.

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14 December, 2009


Films this week

I always forget to tell people that there are good films coming up on Film4. I like to check the coming week and use my V+ box to set recordings. That way, there's always something worth watching if I can't sleep or just fancy a film.

This week, we have:

  • Pan's Labyrinth (You missed it. It's on now. I got carried away with modding e-blog.el)
  • Laputa (Tomorrow 15/12/09, 4:05pm)
  • Night Watch (Tomorrow 15/12/09 11:20pm)
  • Big Trouble in Little China(Thursday 17/12/09 9:00)

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10 December, 2009


Emacs posting

This is from e-blog. Seems better than weblogger.el







Posting from emacs (title set in blogger *sadness*)

<p>This is a test. If it works, it will be the first post I've made completely from emacs. I really hope it does work.</p><p>Do I write text or html? Let's put a link to weblogger.el to see what happens: <a href="http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/WebloggerMode">weblogger.el</a> I don't seem to be able to set the title, though. Revising posts israther amazing, though. Just save and it uploads.</p>


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