31 August, 2005


Stress and music

Nearly the start of the new academic year and, for me, a new job. I start my new position as a lecturer on the first of October. Stuff to do, stuff to do! I'm on two new modules, so there's plenty of material to prepare. I'm also on the "old" image analysis/graphics module, but since this was run previously by my supervisor, Alison, there should be plenty of good stuff already written.

I've just finished a new track: Dark in here [ogg|mp3]. I really want a theremin, but I'm too cheap to buy one and too busy to make one. The theremin-like sound in this track is just a pitch-bent sine wave.

People on LAU keep asking me for more info on how I make tracks so, for the curious, all the samples are in dih_samps.ogg.

Nice track there, really well done. Looking forward to hearing the New Theremin in action :)

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