15 September, 2005


In the post

In the post this morning, along with some stuff for Pippin, I had another invitation to get into debt from a credit card company.

The leaflet had pictures of people smiling, paragraphs telling me not to miss those bargains just because I couldn't afford them and lots of positive words picked out in bold.

All perfectly normal, but then I noticed the interest rate.

Bloody Nora!

Looking on the net, it seems that the company responsible tries to target people with bad credit ratings. I don't mind that they assumed that I would - I live near Dudley in the heart of the Black Country - but I really don't like the way they try to squeeze money out of people vulnerable to this kind of thing. I won't name names, just in case the company don't like being noticed while they try to shaft the poor and the financially ignorant.

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