12 September, 2005


Science, options and spooky noises


I've just been reading this "bad science" article from the Guardian.

It gave me the giggles, so I thought I'd share.


Writing code to handle command-line options just isn't fun. Sure, there's getopt, but it only alleviates part of the boredom and annoyance - long options are a pain, as are default values, and what about writing the --help output?

Thankfully, Gnu also have another way to deal with options: Gengetopt. This is a great program. It takes a simple file containing your options as input and outputs source files for including in your project. You can specify defaults, short and long alternatives, types, sections and it even takes care of the help dialog.

I've been using it in my theremin project.

Spooky noises

My theremin has been improved and renamed. Never being one to call a spade a spade, especially when it's a shovel, I've decided not to call my theremin "theremin".

Slat (Sounds Like A Theremin) 0.2.1 now contains:

  • 100% less crackles
  • Perfectly smooth pitch changes
  • Tremolo/vibrato - the virtual mouse pointer circles around the actual one with adjustable rate, x and y scales.
  • A roughly 20% less evil Makefile
  • A more theremin-like sound

Have a listen.

Go to the slat page for details and downloads.

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