30 March, 2010


I might get emacs pinky

I tried switching capslock and control. I even tried using control on the capslock key and removing capslock altogether - I never use it anyway.

But it doesn't work. If it wasn't for the double quote being above 2, it would probably be OK. With a US layout, I don't suppose it's a problem, but with a UK keyboard it seems the easiest way to get a double quote is to use left-shift-2, which is all just a bit too close when I now also have my little finger hovering over capslock.

Now I need to unlearn the past week of this layout and insure my fingers.

My left pinky is slightly curved from heave eamcs use already.

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Why not use a US layout and swap the Caps and Ctrl? It's not that what's on the keyboard matches what you're pressing anyway :-P
Could do. But I don;t think I have that much neural plasticity left
any more. The original post and this reply were written in emacs, by
the way :)
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